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Mid Week Devotional With Chris Chase

"The hope of the righteous is gladness." (Proverbs 10:28) One of the great themes of Christianity is triumphant hope. Not just a distant, vague kind of dream, but real triumphant hope, the kind of hope where all things end right. In the midst of all of the storms and struggles, and sufferings we face in this life, we can advance our thoughts beyond today and see relief and victory. In the end, God does indeed win. Think about that for a moment. . . all earthly woes, all financial pressures, all emotional trauma, all physical disabilities and handicaps, all domestic conflicts . . . all that ends. And we will be with Him who wins! That means nothing but harmony and unity and victory and joy and praise and delight. We will be changed down inside, and we will have new natures, new minds, and new bodies. We'll have the joy of living forever and ever in praise and adoration of our God!

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