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Our Roots Run Deep... 

  • 1906- The first church was known as Seward Lake Church, where Methodists and Baptists met together, in a small house in Highland City. Baptisms took place in Lake Seward. 

  • 1908- Members quickly outgrew this little house, a new building was purchased and became known as Haskell Baptist Church.

  • 1922- The Methodists withdrew their fellowship as they found their own property and built upon it.

  • 1925- Haskell Baptist Church became known as Highland City Baptist Church.

  • 1944-The first church was destroyed by fire. After that our members met at the Highland City School’s auditorium while waiting to rebuild.

  • 1945- The new building was built but they didn’t have much. Slowly items for the church were purchased as money became available.

  • 1953- We became known as First Baptist Church of Highland City. Soon after, the first ministerial staff member was called, he was called the Choir Leader. Shortly after we had a secretary.

  • 1960- A storm came through and damaged the roof. Insurance covered that expense and the church kept growing.

  • 1972- The purchase of new property on Yarborough and Clubhouse went through. And just 2 short years later the church was built.

  • 1976- The two adjoining acres were purchased. Our church now sits on 5 acres of land.

  • 1980’s- The property was decorated with trees, bushes, and flowers. A computer was purchased. And the senior citizens group was started.

  • 1999- Our church began a daycare/preschool.

  • 2006- We celebrated our 100th anniversary.

  • 2016- We continue to reach out to our community through different activities that are open to the public and we currently have a  food pantry for those in need of meals.

  • 2019 - We became known as Revive Church Lakeland and our pre-school became Revive Academy. 

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