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We will provide a loving, safe, happy, and healthy learning environment for all children during the time that their parents have entrusted them to us here at Revive Academy. Our primary emphasis will be to keep children engaged in educational activities that interest them by our personally caring staff, while also teaching them about Christ’s love.


Certificate # A49597

Revive Academy Interim Preschool  Director 
Shellie Lane
Revive Academy Asst. Preschool  Director 
Yolanda Lara-Mitchell


Monday to Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm

Daily Preschool:

Infant Care $195

Ones $165

Twos $155

Threes $145

Pre-K  $110

After School Program:

$75.00 per week (morning and afternoon) 

Summer Day Camp:

$95.00 tuition per week + cost of field trips

Annual Registration Non-Refundable Fee 

Single Family $85.00

Family of 1-2 $100.00

2 or more - $150.00

Our childcare program is supported by the church and regulated by the

Polk County Department of Children and Families.


If you are looking for a place where your child can learn about

God's Love in an atmosphere of love and respect while also learning

important building blocks for school. 

Call us today at (863) 648-4182 or email preschool@revivechurchlakeland.com