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More Than a Surface Change

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Who Are We?

Revive is more than just a name change, it's about refining our identity.

God seems to love to do new things.  He consistently called His people to new things, new places, and new depths of trusting Him throughout the Scriptures.  Sometimes He gave a new name as a part of that process.  Abraham, Sarah, Peter, and Paul all received new names that pointed to their new identities.  For me, that's the significance of Revive.  We are adopting a new name that represents the transitions we have been making.  It challenges us to be about proclaiming the new life that we have found in Christ.  Lord willing, it will be a constant reminder of who we are and where we are going.  My prayer is that every time we say our new name it will be a prompt for us to be about our Father's business.

We'll officially reveal our new name on September 29th during our 10:30 a.m. service.  We're planning a special time of worship for that day, and hope that you will join us.  We'll celebrate our past, and look forward to our future with great anticipation.  So, I highly encourage you to also be praying about who God has put in your life that needs to experience new life in Him.  This will be a great service for them to see what Revive Church is all about.

We need our entire church family to pull together around our mission, and to be praying, working, and sharing hope so that we can make this a successful transition.  Let's use this opportunity to take the next step in building a culture that is engaged, excited, and moving forward in anticipation of what God will do through us in this community.

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