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“Seeking His Protection”

Matthew 6:13

God sometimes allows us to be tested by temptation. As disciples, we

should pray to be delivered from these trying times and for

deliverance from Satan (the evil one) and his deceit. All Christians

struggle with temptation. Sometimes it is so subtle that we don’t even

realize what is happening to us. God has promised that He won’t

allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear (1 Cor. 10:13,

Hebrew 2:18). Ask God to help you recognize temptation and to give

you strength to overcome it and choose God’s way instead.

Satan’s temptations focuses on three crucial areas: (1) physical

desires, (2) possessions and power, and (3) pride, (John 2:15, 16).

But Jesus did not give in (Hebrew 4:15, 16 says that Jesus was

tempted just like we are, but He never once gave in and sinned. He

knows firsthand what we are experiencing, and He is willing and able

to help us in our struggles. When tempted, turn to Him for strength.

The devastating thing about these devilish tactics is that Satan

generally chooses to tempt me in that area of my personality that is not

yet under the full control of God’s Spirit. He knows full well that I am

much more likely to succumb to his inducements where he still can

have sway over my person.

And the resting becomes a clear demonstration as to who really holds

the upper hand in any given area of my life. Does God or does the

devil? Consequently the whole contest for the child of God is one of

deciding whether Christ, by His Spirit, controls me, or whether Satan,

by means of my old self, manages me.

I have sometimes wished this petition had a short rider attached to it

this way, “And lead us not into temptation, but guide us by Your

Spirit.” Of course, our Father does endeavor to do this. The problem

is we are not always sensitive or responsive to the overtures of His

gracious Spirit. We are not always prepared to give Him control of

our conduct. We are not completely sure that he can manage our

affairs. We are not always willing to choose His way.

So, self reasserts itself, and wherever this happens the terrain is open

for Satan to tempt us.

In almost every case where this does occur, it is not our loving

heavenly Father who has led us there. It is our own self-will. It is our

own choice. The only exceptions are those instances in which God

allows us to be tested and exposed to hardship in order to enlarge our

confidence in Himself.

It is for this reason that any man or woman who really desires to come

completely under the control of God’s Spirit must turn over all this

territory to Him. Unless this is done as a deliberate act of the will,

then that ground will be the beach-head from which the enemy will

always launch another assault.

For it is there He demonstrates to us His amazing ability to deliver us

triumphant out of the temptation. Our faith in His faithfulness is

fortified. And our characters are conformed to His.

There is a tendency for us to think of sin, self (or self-will), and Satan

as being more or less widely separated from each other. In fact the

three are so closely intertwined that they can-not be readily divorced

from each other. Or, to put it another way, what it really amounts to is

Satan, appealing to self (our self-will), uses it as a means to make us

sin. He influences us to exert our wills in contradiction to the

expressed will of our heavenly Father. This is to sin.

Because of this, Christ taught us to pray emphatically, “Deliver us

from evil (from the evil one).”

It is tremendously encouraging for us to know that this petition can be

answered positively. It inspires our spirits to realize that we can be

delivered from evil and the evil one. It stimulates our souls and

strengthens our resolve to be completely God’s children. It is possible

to sense the presence and power of Him who can save us from Satan

and sin and our own selfish wills. We do not have to be enticed and

trapped and tantalized by the enemy of our souls. We can be

triumphant in temptation. To know this is to step out of despair into a

delightful walk with our Father.

Our Master was not one to indulge in double-talk. He did not say one

thing and mean another. He would not teach us to ask our heavenly

Father for deliverance from evil if no deliverance was available. He

would not instruct us to pray to be delivered from evil situations if our

Father was unable to do so. But He is. And therein lies a great

measure of the glory and joy of really knowing God as our Father.

Let us never, never forget that our Father does not want to see us

succumb to temptation. He does not want to see us fall. He does not

want to see us down in despair, struggling with self, and stained by

sin. He wants us, as His maturing children, to grow up in strength so

we can walk serenely with Him in the beauty of a strong, unsullied,

intimate companionship.

We need to remind ourselves, too, that no matter how often or hard we

fall, He is there, waiting to pick us up and restore us. Why? Simply

because we are His children, because He loves us, and because He

knows that only as we go on do we grow up into His likeness.

Remember this: There are three definite, simple, and positive ways

that our heavenly Father delivers us from the evil one. HE IS



we come into temptation, we need only remind ourselves that He is

there and deliberately turn to Him.

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