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Mid-Week Devotion with Chris Chase

“So these days were to be remembered and celebrated throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city.” (Esther 9:28) Think about all the memorial places we have in our country . . . the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, etc. These memorials are places provided for us to stand and quietly reflect, and to pass on to the next generation the roots of our nation’s heritage. They give the present significance because they give the past perspective. My concern for our present fast-paced lifestyle is that we have so few memorials, so few monuments, even mental monuments. Life is lived in the fast lane filled with superficial decisions. We have hurry-up childhoods . . . so little time for stopping and recording segments of our lives in a journal. There is so little emphasis on listening, learning, and honoring. In order for us to have perspective, we must have monuments and memorials, places to return to and learn from and talk to the next generation about. If we don’t, we are destined to live rootless, fast-lane lives without much significance!

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