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Mid Week Devotional With Chris Chase

"Know that the Lord Himself is God; it is He who made us, and not we ourselves." (Psalm 100:3) We live in a world where most everything is instant. With microwaves you can cook your lunch in minutes. In my childhood I had to wait for the T.V. set to warm up. Can you imagine? And I had to dial one number at a time on the old rotary phones. Talk about the stone age! Now days you can drive past an empty lot one day & the next day drive by again & there is a completed building on the lot. That's the way life is today. Fast, compressed, condensed, slam-bam-it's-done! But not so in God's wilderness schooling. When it comes to walking with God, there is no such thing as instant maturity. God does not mass produce His saints. He hand tools each one, & it always takes longer than we expected!

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