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Ministry Monday | kidsPACK

Getting to know you....

That song keeps playing in my head as I plan this post.

I’d like to introduce you to another unique ministry within our church, our food ministry.

No clever name (yet), just a mission to help people in need. It began as a food pantry several years ago, and now thanks to our partnership with KidsPack and the hard work of our people it’s so much more.

Twice a month we package food that’s delivered by KidsPack, and then our team delivers over 200 of those meals every week. Some weeks we are also provided fresh fruit and vegetables to give away.

And our food pantry still helps us feed several hundred people every year.

Loving people through meeting needs was a central part of Jesus’ ministry, and we want to follow His example. You can learn more by contacting our office or reaching out to Rick and Cheryl Whitney. We would love to get your help with this life-changing ministry.

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