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Revive Academy K-12 and all of Revive Academy’s employees are mandatory reporters.

It is the mission of Revive Academy to serve and teach students the way God intended; centered around our faith in God while modeling for our students how to view education as a way to Glorify God. 


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Juliana Downing-Walker

My name is Juliana Downing-Walker, but my students call me Mrs. Walker. I have had the pleasure of serving students through Polk County Public Schools and tutoring from 2009 to 2020. In my time with PCPS I have worked my way from tutoring, to becoming a para, graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Education with a concentration of STEM, teaching and now pursuing the role of administrator through founding Revive Academy and finishing my Masters of Ed. Leadership. I am currently taking classes through Liberty University and completing my Masters in Educational Leadership in order to better serve students. My goal is to graduate in the spring and pursue further education. I will always be a lifelong learner. 


In my time as a teacher with PCPS I continually noticed a great need for there to be a place that allows students to learn because they love learning. Instead of making students fit inside of a neat box that passes state exams. I have often joked with my friends about building my own school that allowed students to be free-thinkers with teachers that love to teach.

Those BIG dreams are finally becoming reality! 


My teaching style is a mixture of traditional and montessori. Those types of learning are vastly different, however they compliment each other beautifully! Students do well when given a structured task that allows them to be creative. And, that is the type of environment we are creating with Revive Academy. A place where students get individualized instruction, a small group atmosphere, and a love of learning. Someplace that students feel free enough to learn about things because it interests them.


Allowing students to get their hands on nature, experiments and technology.

Fostering their love for all subjects, and allowing them to learn about how much God loves them. 


Revive Academy is not just school, it is a place where we can come together to support one another in our educational journeys. 


I look forward to seeing what our journey this year looks like!

Mrs. Walker

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